Strategic thinking is not just for upper management. The truth is that if everyone at every level thinks strategically, the entire organization benefits.

Having a workforce with insight into short and long-term challenges, the ability to problem solve and stay ahead of change helps the company remain competitive.

In addition, people who actually perform the work are naturally able to identify opportunities and challenges associated with future needs.

Everyday Strategy™ is the ability to think strategically about the responsibilities and tasks a person performs every day in his/her role.

Strategic workers are more successful with “everyday” situations and can shape their own future when they understand and apply strategic thinking principles.

Equipping workers with the tools and skills to think strategically ensures that they not only focus on doing the work, but also on finding a way to do what must be done to make the organization successful now and in the future.

The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop from CMOE gives participants the skills and practical tools needed to become strategic thinkers in the organization.

When individuals learn to think, plan, and act more strategically, they help the team and the organization stay on the leading edge in the long run.

When people are over-reliant on upper management to be strategic and avoid developing these skills, the organization runs the risk of becoming complacent.

Tapping into strategic thought among employees on important initiatives creates an environment of greater energy and motivation to solve complex problems, continue to learn, and move forward through ambiguity or challenging times.

This process begins by teaching everyone how to “tame the beast.” This means identifying daily activities and priorities, and understanding work-flow.

It includes the ability to diagnose the difference between important and urgent situations.

For example, your team might start with a discussion about how to organize time or establish best practices in responding to e-mail and phone calls.

Strategic EverydayThen, team members define exactly what success looks like, create a clear set of objectives, and develop a criterion on which to base everyday decisions.

When they can see the big picture, and know the endgame, it’s much easier to respond to a conflicting set of everyday demands or pressure from customers.

Teams that know this “target” are able to identify the number one priority or goal for a project.

When faced with limited time, they know how to focus attention in a way that will have the most impact.

They understand how to serve the customer, when faced with obstacles.

Finally, team members who think strategically know the importance of gathering information in everyday situations.

They know when they don’t know enough to move forward with a decision and can research the situation fully.

They seek out and consult others who are impacted by the decision, develop a complete picture of the situation, ask the right questions, and create an optimal plan before moving ahead.

Everyday strategic thinking is a skill that can transform your team into a strategic advantage for the business. Contact CMOE to learn more about everyday strategy and The Applied Strategic Thinking® workshop.

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