An organization often encounters unique challenges and opportunities as it looks to achieve business objectives, drive growth, increase engagement and set long-term direction. At CMOE, we partner with you to enhance your understanding of the internal processes, behaviors, and culture of your organization. Using our proven process, diagnostic tools, consulting services and retreats, it is our mission to help you leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses and create breakthroughs in your organizational design and the way business is being done. We work with you to create a lasting impact as you look to optimize the performance of the organization and break down the barriers standing in its way. Discover our full portfolio of Organizational Effectiveness Services below and explore how we work with you to facilitate organizational transformation and sustained change that truly makes a difference.

Bottom Line Leadership Training

Bottom Line Leadership is a powerful process that creates an immediate and long-term quantitative difference in your organization's profitability and productivity by helping participants build the management and leadership skills needed to accelerate specific performance improvements throughout the organization. The Bottom Line Leadership training course bridges the gap between scorekeeping or metrics and the behaviors...

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Consulting Services

Many organizations find that from time to time they need some external expertise; a partner to help them reach their goals and overcome challenges. For over 35 years, CMOE has provided consulting services in a wide-range of areas to organizations world wide, including the following: Leadership development systems and processes Performance improvement systems Senior Leadership team development Customized lead...

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Facilitator Training Workshop

As organizations strive to get the most out of their current workforce and build the next generation of talent, it is increasingly important to have outstanding facilitators who can help employees and leaders excel with their current responsibilities while also being prepared for future opportunities. The most successful and competitive organizations know how important it is to be committed to ongoing facilitator trai...

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Leadership Retreats

What is the Purpose of a Leadership Retreat? High-performance leadership teams are the heart of successful organizations, but functioning in a cohesive way can be challenging due to the myriad issues leaders face: time pressures, inflated egos, differences in personalities, lack of alignment, communication issues, conflicting strategic priorities, etc. To counterbalance these challenges, high-performing leadership team...

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Leadership Team Alignment Journey

The Leadership Alignment Journey is a process that guides intact leadership or management teams through a transformation designed to leverage capabilities or overcome specific challenges and create dynamic business results. Through each phase of this proven approach, CMOE helps a leadership team identify and solve business issues, examine and improve team dynamics, and support the development of individual leaders. ...

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Learning and Development Advisory Services

A shift is occurring around the world: all over the globe, organizations are challenging Learning & Development functions to change how they support the business and contribute to driving bottom-line performance. CMOE’s Learning Advisory Services help you grow the talent of your team in an effective, efficient way, equipping individuals and leaders at all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver on ...

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Needs Analysis and Organization Assessments

CMOE's needs analysis and organization assessments are designed to help leaders and stakeholders at all levels understand strengths and pinpoint opportunities for improvement within their organization. CMOE tailors a needs analysis or organization assessment to address a client's specific purpose and desired outcome. Rather than performing an “academic” analysis, we design needs assessments that focus on gathering sub...

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Organization Transformation & Change

Nearly every organization needs to reinvent itself from time to time—and all businesses need to make periodic improvements in how they operate. For nearly 40 years, CMOE has been in the business of facilitating and accelerating organizational development, transformation, and change in order to help our clients contribute more value to their customers and maintain relevance in the marketplace. CMOE’s priority is to...

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Retreats for Teams

Exceptional teamwork is the keystone in building an organization’s short- and long-term success, but establishing cohesive teams can be challenging due to the myriad issues they face: day-to-day demands, differences in personalities, lack of alignment, communication issues, team-member motivation, etc. To counterbalance these common challenges, teams must have the opportunity to continually develop their capabilities, a...

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Strategy Development Processes and Services

CMOE’s Strategy Development Processes and Services are designed to help executives, senior teams, and/or leaders of key business functions develop strategies that will elevate the organization to a new level of proactive business planning and action. Through strategy working sessions or retreats, leaders are introduced to tools and processes that get highly focused on critical strategic targets and establish a common st...

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