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About Matt Fankhauser

Matt began his career with CMOE and is a Regional Vice President. Matt has experience in management, marketing, advertising, and sales. He has developed and delivered personnel performance reviews, been involved with hiring, interviewing, and training processes for different employment positions. He has participated in market research and conducted interviewing involved with the research. He has delivered keynote presentations at various association meetings for SHRM, ASTD and others. He has facilitated groups in training sessions involved with the skill development of Coaching, Leadership, Team Building, Facilitation, and Strategic Thinking. He has also been involved with the design and development of Executive Team Retreats, organizational case studies and training materials, as well as the translation of organizational training materials.

Teamwork: Not Just Working With Each Other, But Working Together

2022-06-06T23:07:03-06:00By |Teamwork|

The bottom line is only one measurement of success. A business that lacks effective team collaboration across functions will lead to internal conflict, management issues, and talent retention problems. Without working together, an organization will not reach its full potential.

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