We’ve scoured the web to find the best blog posts about leadership, improving your life, and career advancement, and we’re happy to announce our fourth Content Roundup section. Check it out and let us know some of your favorite posts from August.


MojoCoCoverHaving a good brainstorming session can do wonders for your team and a company’s plan for the future. “Mojo” revealed 7 crucial tips to help take your brainstorming sessions to the next level.


“The thing with brainstorming, though, is that whether it’s something you’re doing alone to generate ideas, or something you’re doing as a team to work on a strategy, you can either be good at it, or quite bad at it, frankly. For me, brainstorming is an invaluable tool; and it’s one I use regularly, both as an individual and in group scenarios.”

Mark Sanborn

mark_sanborn_3A company slowdown is stressful for everyone, especially if people aren’t sure they’ll still be employed once it blows over. Mark Sanborn gives some tips for leaders having to navigate their teams through a slowdown.

Leaders generally don’t like it when things slow down. It usually means that business isn’t as brisk as desired. And even though many complain about being too busy, just as many or more complain about not being busy enough.”




Random Acts of Leadership

logoThe workforce is continuing to get younger and younger, and companies are having to shift ideologies to meet the needs of the new generation of workers. While many millennials are in entry-level positions, some are being promoted and placed into management. In “Random Acts of Leadership,” Dan Negroni helps you realize how you can tap into the well of millennial leadership talent.

“The shift is here. Millennials are taking over as the dominant group in the workforce and will be 75% of your employees in the next decade. Generation Y—often tagged as entitled, lazy and me-centric—will be leading your company before you know it. But don’t worry . . . you can do something and create strong, service-based millennial leaders! You can be a positive influence on your millennial workers and guide them to be next gen leaders.”

45 Things

thanksFinding great talent is hard; keeping great talent is harder. It has been said that “excellence is always in demand,” and nowhere is that truer than in finding and keeping great employees. “45 Things” provides you with some powerful tips to recruit and retain top talent.


“It can be frustrating as a manager when your best talent walks out the door and you’re forced to begin looking for someone to replace him or her.

It also can be expensive — the Society for Human Resource Management estimates the average cost-per-hire is $4,100 and it takes 42 days to fill a position.”

Three Star Leadership

headerFairness is a hard subject to cover when there is so much inequity in the world. “Three Star Leadership” helps break down why being fair isn’t just important—it’s necessary.

“When people think you’re treating them fairly, they will work harder. They will pitch in to help get the job done. They’re likely to have better morale and take more initiative. Bob Sutton describes what happens when they don’t think you’re fair:”

CMOE’s Top August Blog Post

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Employee Morale

creativityEmployees with high morale are often more engaged and more productive. We’ve provided you with 5 strategies that are proven to boost employee morale and help your company’s bottom line.


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.“ – Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s sentiment rings true, and in the workplace, attitude’s impact on employee engagement, productivity, and the bottom line of your business is huge. In fact, research has found that companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors by an impressive 202 percent.”

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