Sails - Jackson Brown Quote

Wind is an external force that must be reckoned with. It always has the upper hand, and arguing and fighting against it will almost always end in disaster.

Given this, is a strong wind always detrimental? Absolutely not. I don’t know a lot about sailing, but I do know that a boat can actually sail into a stiff wind and make substantial progress. I wondered how this was possible, then I learned that it requires adjustments to the sail.

In business, the wind is like all of the environmental factors that contribute to the business climate in a given market. The sail is like a corporate strategy.

Business strategies are planned and formulated to propel a business in a certain direction. If the market forces change, either suddenly or slowly over time, a strategy must be flexible enough to take those changes into stride. Tweaks and adjustments need to be made quickly to maximize their effect.

What is most important is that a strategy remain flexible so the needed adjustments will not throw the organization into a bureaucratic tailspin.

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